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July 21, 2021 2 min read

Exercise is an essential to maintaining your dog’s overall health. While anyone reading this should be mindful of their dog’s individual needs or conditions, being active alongside your dog is one of the greatest ways to spend time with your four-legged friend. Though there are endless ways to stay active with your dog, here are just a few of our favorites.
Let your dog enjoy nature and fresh air on a hike through the woods, up a mountain, or whatever fancies you both. Giving opportunity for both physical and mental stimulation hiking trails often allow your dog to roam free off leash (but make sure whatever trail you choose does not have any restrictions for dogs). For younger hyper dogs try making that hike a little longer or choose a trail with an incline.
If your dog is a constant source of energy (like mine) try upping the activity by going for a run. Turn your regular walking route into an intense workout for you and your dog or use the opportunity to take in some nature with a trail run. Whatever the scenery just be sure that your dog stays hydrated and doesn’t overheat. Running can be especially great for younger dogs that tend to express their high energy levels through bad behavior.
One of those things, dogs either love it or couldn’t care less. But if your dog happens to enjoy a game of fetch, why not use it to your advantage? Fetch can be an effective way to exercise your dog if you’re on a time crunch or just don’t have the energy to go on a long walk or run. Pop over to the park with a ChuckIt and let your dog drain their energy out. If you’re not sure what parks allow off leash activities, check the parks and recreation website for your local city.
Not great for all dogs, but if your dog is a natural swimmer, water activities can be a great form of exercise without all of the impact. If your dog has trouble staying afloat try out a lifejacket next time you go for a swim. Kayaking or paddle boarding can be a wonderful activity for your dog to tag along. Just be patient and let your dog become adjusted to water and water sports. Just as with people, be aware of the dangers of water, keep a close eye on your dog and don’t go out in bad weather.
Let us know what you’re doing to stay active with your dog through the pandemic and comment below!
Xavier Setzer
Xavier Setzer

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