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July 20, 2021 3 min read

How to Build a Better Bowl for your Pet

   It only takes an extra two minutes a day to ensure that your dog or cat has everything they need for a healthy and comprehensive diet. If you’re thinking about adding a little something on top of your pet’s food but aren’t sure where to start, just break it down into three simple steps.

(1) Base: this is the (balanced and complete) food that you already feed your dog or cat
(2) Hydration: bone broth/stock, raw goat milk, mix-ins containing produce
(3) Supplements: hip and joint, digestion, immune boost.
So, let’s get to it. Every pet is different, so find which foods are best for them. Age, activity level, and of course allergies can be key indicators in selecting the perfect base for your pet’s bowl. Certain meats are going to naturally have higher or lower amounts of fat, protein, and calories. For example, rabbit is especially low in fat as well as protein, and with fewer calories it can be a great option for senior or overweight pets. While beef is going to be higher in calories and richer in fat, making it a suitable option for pet’s struggling to maintain weight. Make sure your pet’s activity level matches their meal portions. If you’re not sure how much to feed check out this feeding chart.
“Food energetics”, what’s that? In a holistic approach to diet, food energetics refers to the ways in which the body responds to “wavelengths of each food item during that breakdown” [1]. You’ll notice that Primal dog and cat foods show this information on the back of every bag. The idea behind this holistic approach is that the various meats fall under for categories; cold, neutral, warming, and hot. For a comprehensive breakdown of the different proteins and their respective benefits take a look at Primal’s “Feeding Suggestions for Finding Harmony
Hydration is simple and easy. Simply pour a bit of raw goat milk, bone broth or stock in with your pet’s base food. For dogs, add ins containing veggies and fruits can be excellent for digestion. If you think your dog might be having less than pleasant bowel movements, consider adding a dollop or two of Primal’s Edible Elixirs for a good source of fiber and overall digestive help. My dogs always love a spoonful of the Winter Squash Puree.
Although we often only think about supplements when our pets grow older, there is no reason to wait. Different supplements are designed for different needs. When picking out supplements for your dog or cat ask yourself if you’ve checked all the boxes. Does your pet have a source of omega 3s in their diet? At Pet Foodie LA we love green lipped mussels for their omega 3s as well as other compounds (which are only present in these New Zealand mussels). These little mussels only pack a full punch when they’re raw, so be sure to keep an eye out for ones that have been cooked. For more information on the effectiveness of green lipped mussels in a scientific study check outthis journal published in the Oxford Academic. You know your pet better than anyone, ask yourself; Is there any need for a digestive support? Skin and coat aid? Joint support? If your pet is all around healthy consider an immunity support supplement.Bixbi mushroom supplements offer holistic wellness solutions for both dogs and cats.
Picky Eaters? Though this step isn’t necessary to complete a balanced bowl, for those pet parents who know the struggle of convincing a picky eater to eat their food,toppers are a tasty and easy addition for any bowl. Since all pets are different find which freeze-dried toppers your dog or cat goes crazy for.
[1]On food energetics, see Primal’s “Food Energetics: Suggestions for Finding Harmony”
Xavier Setzer
Xavier Setzer

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