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Customer Testimonials

“The vet told us he wouldn’t make it through the year. Three years later Milo has defied all odds, thanks to his raw diet. We love Pet Foodie for always delivering Milo’s food promptly and with ease.”


“As a rescue Emmy lived in poor conditions for the early years of her life. Because of this she still has trauma around meal time (likely from being fed spoiled food) and is an extremely picky eater. Emmy and Dragon LOVE Ziwi and can’t get enough of it. Thanks Pet Foodie LA for always having what we need.”

Emmylou and Dragon

“I was so happy when I found Pet Foodie. Martin has been eating raw since he was a puppy, but Pet Foodie just makes everything so much easier and a little cheaper too. Any question I have they always have the answer.”


They Grow Up So Fast